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North House Foods, your trusted co-packing partner and premier private label company.

Elevate your brand with our expertise in innovative product development and unwavering commitment to quality.

As a seasoned team of CPG experts, North House Foods brings decades of collective knowledge to co-create products that reflect the essence of your brand. Our natural, organic, and local food products, free from preservatives, serve as a canvas for your unique identity.

Tap into our extensive in-house capacities, covering formulation, manufacturing, and co-packing, to bring your vision to life. Our state-of-the-art equipment in a fully certified co-packing facility ensures precision and efficiency, setting the stage for the success of your brand or private label product.

Benefit from competitive pricing and a seamless supply chain, as we deliver high-quality products consistently. North House Foods is your reliable co-packer, ensuring that your brand not only stands out but also enjoys reliable, timely deliveries.

Embrace sustainability as a core value for your brand. Our partners align with our eco-friendly practices, contributing to a responsible and environmentally conscious approach to co-packing.

Some of Our Partners

We manufacture private label and branded products for many national retailers & foodservice distributors including:

Let us assist you in creating products that cater to the preferences of your target market while meeting all necessary certification criteria.