Middle Eastern Spreads, Pastes and Condiments 


This food service specialist in middle eastern and Mediterranean foods, based in New York City, challenged us to find a way of to produce clean-label Hummus, matching their standards for authenticity. The catch? The product would have to maintain its quality for 70 days or more after production, without using preservatives or additives. !

They knew they were asking for a lot. Several other manufacturers had already refused to take on their demanding standard of lasting quality.

Along with the hummus products, our client also wished to source two types of Falafel and production of its  S’rug (a spicy Israeli condiment comprised primarily of cilantro, peppers, and spices.) Like the hummus, these additional products had to be preservative-free and have a long shelf life. 


We met the client with high confidence that we could meet their expectations for high quality, preservative-free products. Our extensive experience and knowledge of formulating and producing gave us a firm foundation to build on, while our facilities with HPP technology offered a proven solution for clean-label shelf-life.

Our team went to work on their development of their products from conception and formulation, through manufacturing and processing in bulk (2kg bags) packing. We even created a falafel paste which we deliver ready to use: Just scoop, and drop into the fryer.


 The client is extremely happy with the product quality and working relationship. They are getting a great shelf life on a fresh, quality made product, and volumes continue to grow from 1/2 a truck load every 6 weeks to a projected full truck load over the next 6 months. The reliability and scalability of the solution gives them a consistent source for their growing chain of stores in New York State.