Seasonal Meat Sauce


This popular nation-wide broker of prepared frozen foods had been working for many years with another manufacturing group. Now, however, the client was faced with an extremely short timeline to start delivery of a new seasonal sauce. We were given just a kitchen sample of the desired product, with the ingredient deck and nutritional data, but the client did not have the final recipe formulation or processing format.

North House would have less than 8 weeks to complete the project from first taste to first delivery. We were tasked with re-creating the recipe in just 4 weeks to allow time for creating of the nutritional label and producing the IML packaging.


Our Research & Development team was able to reverse engineer the sample product, and we completed the project within the timeline and budget we were given. North House Foods also sourced the packaging containers, then we worked with the client and the packaging manufacturer to secure the required IML packaging in time to fulfill the first order 


Our client broker was delighted with our turnaround, as were his clients. The success of this initial project led us to landing at least 4 additional product manufacturing contracts, as well as referrals to more food manufacturers. We are looking forward to this new relationship developing into a long term revenue-maker for all parties.