What’s On The Menu:

One Stop For End-to-end Food Manufacturing Solutions

North House Foods offers food brands, food services, and retailers a single source of capabilities to complement their own resources for new products and logistics. We specialize in foods based on consumer-friendly ingredients backed by business-friendly marketing and distribution. From dips, to salsas, spreads, butters, dressings, juices, and everything in between, we are confident we can provide you with a successful market solution.

Food Formulations

Growing demand for “clean label” and vegan based products offers you new opportunities to attract customers and to stay competitive on the shelf.  Our product innovation and R&D team has the experience and insight that marketers need to create innovative products with consumer-friendly ingredients. We specialize in natural and organic foods that meet strict labelling standards.

We’re ready to satisfy your customers with  additive- and preservative-free recipes, ethically sourced and non-GMO ingredients. We’ll do the research and testing, source ingredients, and specify procedures for your production and packaging requirements.

Production Capabilities & Standards

North House Foods maintains extensive food production facilities in-house, which we closely coordinate with deep and diverse resources throughout our service region. This network equips us with highly flexible, scalable capacity, which we can optimize to your needs for long or short production runs, within  seasonal time frames or year-round.

Our facilities operate under the best practices guidelines of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) program, ensuring compliance and acceptance by most stringent retail and food service standards. We maintain equipment and practices to qualify for Organic Certified labelling, and we can provide “HPP” hyperbaric processing to preserve food quality with extended shelf life.

Packaging & Branding

With our roots in food marketing, North House Foods has successfully delivered a wide range of popular brands, now familiar on shelves and in coolers throughout central Canada. Our expertise can add the “special sauce” to your branding plans, whether you are launching an original line or extending a successful existing name.

We are fully equipped to deliver your products in a full range of packaging types and styles including:

  • Deli Style Containers (Chill & Shelf Stable)
  • Plastic Bottles (Chill & Shelf Stable)
  • Glass Bottles & Jars (Chill & Shelf Stable)

Fulfillment & Logistics

Our network of food-rated warehouses and trucking facilities offer ready-to-roll access to markets throughout Ontario, Quebec, and northeastern USA. We’re able to coordinate logistics to suit your production and delivery plans. Talk to us about options for you to pick up orders as needed, to schedule truckload shipments, or to consolidate orders to optimize the cost and timing of delivery.