Concept to Product Launch

Savor our enticing range of specialties, dips & spreads, gourmet sauces, salad dressings and more each boasting a distinct homemade taste
It all begins within our test kitchens, where our culinary-trained chefs continuously craft new flavors and products to meet our customers’ evolving preferences.

Cultivating Innovation

Our team of seasoned culinary professionals goes beyond traditional production. Together, we nurture innovative ideas for on-trend product concepts and nutrition-conscious meals that deliver rich flavor and comforting familiarity.

Your Product Development Partner

We’re here to support you at every stage of your product development journey. Whether you seek assistance with concept development and formulation or aim to scale up existing product lines, North House Foods is at your service. Collaborate with our Product Development Chefs in our test kitchens or production facilities to expedite the process and ensure products meet your exacting standards.

Efficient Time-to-Market

North House Foods’ R&D expertise is invaluable for expanding product lines, exploring new sales channels, and keeping your brand offering fresh and profitable. With our technical resources, we accelerate your time-to-market while ensuring adherence to nutritional and regulatory guidelines.