Private and Exclusive Retail Solutions

Expand Your Product Portfolio

We are dedicated to formulating private label products that meet the same rigorous taste and quality standards as our Established brands. However, we recognize that today’s consumers are constantly seeking new and innovative options from the food industry.

That’s why our Research and Development (R&D) division is continuously testing out new, delicious products and pioneering innovative methods of manufacturing exclusive products tailored for clubs and chains. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to provide you with unique offerings that meet the evolving demands of consumers and elevate your retail offerings to the next level.

The past few years in the foodservice industry have undeniably presented challenges. However, our enduring partnership with North House Foods has been instrumental in navigating this ever-evolving landscape. North House Foods’ unwavering commitment to addressing challenges head-on, coupled with their drive for growth and innovation in our private label, distinguishes them from the industry norm. Thanks to North House’s dedication and focus on key business metrics, they consistently excel within their category. Working with the teams at North House is always a pleasure, and we value the passion and expertise they bring to the table. We are thrilled to continue our partnership and look forward to what the future holds together!
North House Foods Customer