Small Brand Solutions

Expand and Scale Your Unique Recipes

We specialize in co-packing services tailored to assist emerging brands in strategically scaling their operations to meet the growing demand for their original food products.

As your dedicated co-packer, we understand the unique needs of boutique brands. We ensure that every step, from following food safety regulations to maximizing shelf-life and securing valuable shelf space, is meticulously addressed. Our co-packing solutions offer cost-effective and streamlined food production processes, allowing you to focus on your brand’s growth.

With a commitment to maintaining the integrity of your flavors, we continuously test our food to ensure that it never strays from your original recipe. Let us be your partner in culinary success, helping your small brand thrive in the competitive market.

Contact us today to learn more about how our co-packing services can assist your brand in expanding and scaling your unique recipes!

North House Foods stands out as a top-notch food manufacturer, boasting a committed team from production floor to executive leadership. With superior capabilities, stringent quality controls, effective communication, advanced facilities, and extensive expertise, they lead the industry. I have complete confidence and feel fully supported knowing they handle the production of our brand’s products.

North House Foods Customer